The posimente software application is designed in collaboration with whole school communities to support, manage and improve the wellbeing of their unique students.

Many schools are struggling to formally understand the process of managing student wellbeing. posimente supports schools to be proactive about their unique school community’s wellbeing needs and supports best practice evidence-based methodologies.

posimente is the leading remote accessible software platform that enables school leadership and wellbeing teams to automate the management and monitoring of wellbeing, concerns, risks, actions and outcomes.

Powerful dashboards & trend reporting

Get instant alerts & escalations

Enable tracking of high-risk cases

Plus mobile devicemouse-pointer-solid

Notifications of bullying

Assignment of cases to staff

Tracking all student, teacher and parent interactions

FAQs on the posimente remote accessible cloud hosting environment

Where is posimente hosted?

posimente is hosted on the world’s leading Cloud CRM platform called

What is Sales Force? is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that posimente in collaboration with whole school communities have configured specifically to cater for the needs of student Wellbeing.

Is the posimente platform secure?

The South Australian government has endorsed at Cabinet level to store citizen data that is classified both confidential and sensitive. Some of the data stored in Salesforce includes intervention orders, staff screening information, and information relating to people’s disabilities.

An easy way to keep valuable records around our practice of wellbeing as staff.

Simon Fewings
Dulka Yuppata Indigenous Training Centre
Mildura, Victoria

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